"Aaaand KISS!": A collection of fun MoscaStudio wedding photography kisses.

Those clients whom have already gone through our services at least once (the engagement session, if not both engagement AND wedding) will probably recognize our little "Aaaaand KISS!" phrase ;) It's funny but it works! You walk away from us, or towards us as it may be, you may be sitting on a bench someplace, or even leaning against a wall... we'll get you to kiss with this little phrase... and we will capture it! ;)

Just for fun, and because 'tis the season for mistletoe and kissing under it... here is a fun collection of many of our beautiful couples, kissing! Some are in fields of flowers or groves of trees, some are at their wedding, while some are in city parks. ALL are in love and embracing of one another. Ours has to be one of the most happy and personally rewarding job in the world!

Some are posted here as a preview, while all 92 of them are in the slide show below ;) Roam through and hopefully this helps put a little bit of a smile on your faces :)

FYI: Do you know where the tradition of "kissing under the mistletoe" comes from? We've searched the interwebs and have found an interesting little article at this link. Traditions and their historic provenance are so fun to learn about!
Excerpt: "Since mistletoe remains green throughout the year, many ancient peoples have ascribed these plants with magical healing powers and with fertility, and some cultures viewed it as an aphrodisiac due to the suggestive arrangement of its berries." 
~ The Guardian article (link above).

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from The Mosca Studio Team!

The slideshow:


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