The most unique MoscaPhoto engagement session to date!

It's just SO fun meeting new couples who are adventurous and willing to "get down and dirty" on their shoots. We initially meet with our couples to share stories, so as to get to know each other well... to become friends! We always bond with our couples, but sometimes, we really truly see eye-to-eye. Like with Wendi & Danny! We were joking around about being extreme photographers (right Sara?! :))), and then realized that we were serious about 1) wanting to snow shoe to ice caves in the middle of the forests on WA state; 2) being willing, able and excited to carry our equipment and go all the way.

Well... it happened!

Just yesterday, in fact. We met up around 9am in Hood River, in the Columbia Gorge. We drove to Trout Lake, WA, got our Snow Passes for the day and then ventured on forest service roads, all the way to the end of the plowed area. Then came the snow shoes. All of our gear was in backpacks, along with Wendi & Danny's change of clothes and food and water. Two miles down the road, we reached the Ice Cave!

There was no one there. No one around at all. We were the only 4 people for what seemed like miles around, which was perfect for our super private photo shoot with the two of them. We could shoot and not worry about having people in the background, and they could be free to be themselves without worrying about spectators observing. It was a perfect day!

Once in the cave, it became pitch black. Only the light from our head lamps and Danny's propane lantern allowed us to venture deep within it, to find the perfect spots to set up. The ground was covered in inches of thick ice. It was difficult and dangerous to walk anywhere, meaning we had to take our time when moving around. We only went about 80-100 feet into the cave, and it took us about 2 hours! Actually, on our way back out of the cave, I accidentally slipped and my camera's lens hit the ice... the metal hood of our 85mm 1.4 lens hit first and it dented. OOOPS! Its ok, that's why we keep hoods on lenses no matter what the conditions are. WHEW! :)

Remote flashes were set up, carefully, so that we could light up the dark cave all around Wendi and Danny, to make the darkness come to life. After all, we wanted to make sure we could capture light (albeit artificial) shining through and around the giant icicles!

On our way out of the cave and forest, we stopped by what looks like an old car dump, where old rusty abandoned cars lay in place since they were first left there. The one we chose to see up close, has a great hood and the roof still intact. Wendi and Danny jumped right at the chance to get in the car for a fun few shots. We love these people!! :)

What a great, adventurous day... WOW!

Wendi & Danny will be getting married soon and we can't wait for it!

Wedding day: April 9th 2011
Location: World Forestry Center, Portland OR

PS: here is an image Josh took of me workin' when in the cave... :)


  1. Love this Alice! Great images & so nice to have a couple so willing to go into the backcountry for some beautiful images! I love the one in the old car!

  2. Amber Hunt PhotographyJanuary 25, 2011 at 9:13 PM

    Love these! The cave shots especially are phenomenal!

  3. Fantastic images! My favs are of the old car as well as the ice cave - love that they are so adventurous!

  4. Oh Swoon! I LOVE THIS SHOOT! The lantern in the ice cave shots...the rusty car...LOVE LOVE LOVE

  5. These are glorious. I am in awe and also beside myself that you all went into those icy caves. Fantastic work.

  6. Wow, what a cool session! GREAT job with the creativity.

  7. These are great!! And of course the adventure and the stories behind them have to make you even more proud of the results! Looks like this couple found the perfect photography team!

  8. these are fantastic in every sense of the word! First of all...what a GREAT location! And you captured it perfectly!

  9. Beautiful photos Alice & Josh! I'm not sure if it was intentional, but I love the heart-shaped cave opening in the shot of them at the bottom of the steps. It looks like you all had a wonderful experience!

  10. What amazing photos! You have given your couple a very special gift with memories to boot. Love how the cave opening looks like a heart! The photos are fantastic!

  11. Very fun pictures Josh and Alice, Wow they are an adventurous couple to say the least.
    I love them.
    That looks like a 1941 Chevy Sedan Special Deluxe. I have a 2 door coupe.

  12. WOW!!! Wendi & I are in awe with how everything turned out. Alice & Josh are so much fun!! We could not have wished for it to have been any better or more fun!! Good times and great memories! You guys are awesome!!

  13. OH MY GOSH!

    thank you ALL so much for the comments and the retweets and everything! this was one of our favorite shooting days to date and are so excited to be able to share it will the world!

    YAY!! :)

    ~ Alice (& Josh) <3

  14. Alice & Josh this is sooooo dope!

  15. Truly amazing, your clients and your passion to do this for them!

  16. WOW! These are amazing! I love the images in the cave. You guys are awesome!

  17. Beautiful shots. Incredible scenery. What fun...


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