Mt Hood Bed and Breakfast Wedding Day - Sharon & Matt's Sneak Peek

Meet Sharon & Matt! They are two fun and funny and loving lovebirds - that's right! loving lovebirds! - who's wedding was not made any less awesome and meaningful, despite the crazy weather. This was the weekend during which the remnant of a huge typhoon was making it's way over the Pacific Northwest. Winds were whipping heavy rains sideways and big billowing clouds were covering everything, including the usually exposed and impressive Mt Hood. Sharon and Matt live in Seattle. They decided to have somewhat of a destination wedding at the base of Mt Hood. The weather did not cooperate that weekend. HOWEVER, everyone had a blast anyway! The two of them laughed their way thorough the part and at the end of the day... were MARRIED! We had a blast. It was like being around old friends. We're seriously so excited to know these two and are equally as exited to have this very detailed sneak peek of their day. Such a fun day! Thank you so much to all who helped make their day as special is it could be, starting with Jackie and her crew at Mt Hood Bed & Breakfast! Janelle and her team at The Prettiest You, and Lucy of Lucy's Informal Flowers! Of course, the photography is by MoscaStudio+Mosca Photo ) :)

** Friends and Family! By clicking on Sharon and Matt's image gallery link (here: ), you'll be able to sign up and get an announcement email once ALL of their photos are ready. Thanks for looking! **


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