Portland Oregon, Autumn, Mt Tabor Engagement Session - a Quick Sneak Peek!


Meet Laura and Craig and their doggie! Laura is a professional musician and one of the sweetest people we've met. Together, they make a cute little family of three and we could not be more excited to be the ones to photograph their wedding day, next summer! They will marry at the beautiful Gorge Crest Vineyard in August. This past weekend, we met up for a morning engagement shoot at one of their favorite parks in Portland Oregon: Mt Tabor! It's where 3 of the city's drinking water reservoirs are and where people gather to enjoy nature and views of downtown, while immersed in tall, old-growth trees. This was a great time to visit the park! It turns out that the leaves were turning red as the grasses were as brightly green as they could be. Loved it!

** Friends and Family! Visit Laura & Craig's gallery link to see all of their engagement and wedding photos.
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