Lauren & Nick's private cabin wedding near Mt Adams... a gorgeous DIY wedding!

Lauren & Nick are married!
August 3rd, 2013, Glenwood WA (a beautiful private cabin on gorgeous acreage).

We finally have a detailed blog post for you to enjoy. This was one of our most favorite weddings to date! The entire group of people was so accommodating... the location was stunning and being able to spend the night in a beautiful cabin in the woods neat Mt Adams.... was priceless. SO peaceful! This was one big group effort. The whole wedding day was made possible thanks to hand made projects made by friends and family. Josh and I were there to photograph their day and Solstice Wood Fire Cafe' was the caterer. Below is our photo-summary of their perfect day!

** Friends and Family can register to view ALL of their beautiful images on their own private online gallery. Here is the link to that gallery: (which will send you an email once the images are ready). **


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