Chloe and Peter Buck's Wedding Day, Portland Oregon, June 1st 2013

We can only describe this wedding celebration day as an honor. It was a great night of love, laughter and live music!! We here at MoscaPhoto were the hired and official photographers for Chloe and Peter's wedding and will respect that honor by only publicly posting images that I have permission to post (the ones with people's faces in them are initially going to be private - I can't speak for those people who instagramed everything already...) ;) For now, I have asked them to be able to announce the night with this image of the 6 of us (Josh and I on the right, Misty and Greg (of Luxe Productions on the left) and Chloe and Peter in the center) and they were gracious and excited to have us put it up. Thanks guys!

Special thanks to our friends who helped make this day happen: The Wonder Ballroom, Luxe Event Productions, Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals, PDX Make Up, Blum Design In Flowers.


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