Casa San Marco, Cortona, Tuscany, Italy: Beautiful Shabby Chic Interior Design and Styling

Casa San Marco is a beautiful medieval home, remodeled, taken care of throughout the centuries, well loved and simply beautiful. MoscaPhoto had the opportunity to live in the home for one week, this past March/April 2013, to photograph it in all it's glory. The owner is a genius when it comes to decorating and styling and designing spaces, and I was lucky enough to witness it being created, while photographing it. Casa San Marco is a rental property, when it is not being used by the family. These are but a handful of the images I have taken with many more to come, including updates on Casa San Marco's own website! 

Thank you to Stacey for this incredible opportunity. Stars aligned for us to meet and collaborate and work together. Thank you to EVERYONE in Cortona for your hospitality and friendship (see my friend Denyse's Tuscany Tours site!)... Grazie davvero di cuore! Non vedo l'ora di rivedervi e di farvi vedere anche le foto di quella famosa nottata di cucina! ;) And thank you to my best friend Michelle who was able to take 2 weeks off of work in San Diego to meet me in Rome, to join me in this photographic adventure! I love my life! :D


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