Timberline Lodge and Silcox Hut Wedding with a Rare Blue Sky and Sunshine!

This was an incredible day. Josh and I met Kristin and Jason at another wonderful wedding we had photographed two years ago. We hit it off immediately, so when they got engaged, they met with us and reserved us for their own day too! We are so lucky to have such flawless relationships with our couples... the Mosca-love just keeps on giving from friend to friend, from family member to family member... we're so thankful!

OK. Back to Kristin and Jason's wedding ;) We met with them at Timberline Lodge at 11 in the morning of their wedding day, March 9th 2013. We spent hours exploring the lodge itself for photos, to then ride on the snow cat to 7000 feet, where the Silcox Hut is located. This hut is historic, cozy, warm and absolutely a perfect place for a small, intimate, unique wedding. We were surrounded by immense views of the Cascade Range, pure white snow, a deep blue sky and the brightest sun we have seen in a long time... It was a surreal wedding day, with unusually perfect weather and a GREAT group of people!

Kristin and Jason: THANK YOU for your love, your hospitality, your sense of humor and your inspiring love for each other. Have fun at New Zealand and the Cook Islands! See you when you get back! 

We are so proud of these Silcox Hut Wedding Images... it was difficult to choose just a few that would describe an 11 hour day! :) Special thank yous should also go out to Courtney Rogers of Human Beauty for the flawless bridal hair, Collier for Jason's perfect custom suit, Something Borrowed for much of the decor, Kristin's friend Jen for coordinating and helping us out so much! (More vendors to come once I get the memo ;)


  1. WOw! YOu couldn't have gotten better weather if you tried. Thise photos are amazing. I especially like how you captured the starry night sky. I love performing ceremonies at Silcox but I've never seen it this beautiful up there. They were truly blessed. Thank you for the sneak peak at photos. That was FAST! ~Beverly Mason,- officiant www.TheRadiantTouch.com

  2. Stunningly beautiful! And talk about a spectacular venue... I love them all!

  3. Wow. I just like the way in which these photos are captured. I cannot describe in my words, how great these pictures are! What a great weather. Extremely Gorgeous photos. I appreciate your work. As a photographer I personally like these pictures very much. Newcastle wedding photography

  4. Nice Post....Beautiful collection of wedding photos. You catch all the moments. Bride & Groom looks beautiful.!


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