A charming Portland winter wedding at The Village Ballroom.

Lisa and Simon's married at the charming Village Ballroom in NE Portland. The wedding was in mid-February of this year (2013), in a day without rain. For those not familiar with Portland weather patterns, no rain in February is AWESOME! ;) We were lucky to have been able to enjoy a little bit of the outdoors on their couple's session both before and after the ceremony.

Twinkly lights + handmade silk bridal bouquet + a fun, live, jazz band (Design Band) at the reception + a gorgeous custom designed (by the groom!) ceremony backdrop made of cherry tree branches that were meticulously "force bloomed" in their own home for weeks... really made for a great night! Here is a summary of the day.

{Friends and family of Lisa and Simon's, thank you for visiting our blog post and feel free to click on this link to see ALL of their wedding images in one place: http://pictage.com/1339549 Thank you!}


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