Wedding Bouquet Trends in MoscaStudio's 2012 Wedding Season!

Wedding bouquets are all beautiful! They reflect the bride's mood, style and personality. Florals are subjective and, while each year seems to see trends, they are all somewhat different. We love to photograph them! They are part of the whole adventure in wedding planning, and in the end, they complete a bride's attire. Here are a handful of the floral bouquets and arrangements witnessed and photographed by us here at MoscaPhoto, throughout our 2012 wedding season. May this post serve you as inspiration for your own upcoming wedding! If you need recommendations for incredibly talented wedding florists in the Portland area, scroll to right below the image collage!

© Wedding Bouquet Floral Arrangement Inspiration

In no particular order, here are the wonderful florists we have had the pleasure to work with and get to know throughout our 2012 wedding season:

Floral Designs by Alicia
Blum Design in Flowers
Sophisticated Floral Design and Accessories
Lucy's Informal Flowers
Your Perfect Blossoms
Tammy's Floral

For your convenience, we have created a gallery with all of the images you see above and more! This is a downloadable gallery, from which you can easily download and use our images for your websites. It is an end of the year gift to our favorite bridal florists in town! Happy Holidays from MoscaStudio :) 

(The slide show below, shows the images in the gallery.


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