Sarah & Ian at their Blue Heron Herbary wedding on Sauvie Island

Meet Sarah & Ian. They married on Sauvie Island, at the super fun Blue Heron Herbary. They dressed up and got dolled up downtown portland, at The Governor's penthouse first, but then travelled to the island for their country wedding. She is sister to one of our favorite grooms ever from last season. This wedding was not only special to them, it was special to us as well! It was a a sort of mini reunion of sorts for us and her family... loved seeing everyone again!! Most everything was DIY in this wedding, from the muddlers as favors, to the flowers, to the wooden signs, to the delicious cake, and the wall of frames, too. The day started off super hot, with temperatures in the 90s, but then... the sun set and it was colorful and beautiful! Loved the wedding! Thank you Sarah & Ian for being so awesome! (Hi mom!!) ;)


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