Gorge Crest wedding of Lacey and Jeff!

Lacey and Jeff's wedding was gorgeous! Gorge Crest is always a perfect venue for weddings, with it's views and fun places to photograph in and around, but what really made this wedding extra fun, was the bride and groom. They are SWEETHEARTS and their whole group of people really made us feel comfortable while photographing the day. Loved it! Everything as far as decor and signage, was made by hand by Lacey herself. Her hair was done by a close friend. She did her own make up. The flowers were also the creation of a family friend. The wedding cake and dessert table? Her mom made baked it all! An incredible amount of team work made this wedding happen, and it was beautiful! An impressive  part of the day was Lacey's dress... it's BIG! It fit her perfectly, physically and with her personality. I picked it up to move it to take some photos of it, only to realize that it was the HEAVIEST dress I had ever seen! She told me it's a 70 pound dress... and it was! It's ok though... she is a full-time firefighter, so this [her words] "is no big deal!" HA! Awesome :D 

Wedding photography: Alice & Josh of MoscaPhoto.com
Wedding Dress: Ania Collection


  1. OMG love love the blog! You guys are Seriously amazing! They turned out so beautiful, can't wait to see more! Thank You! Jeff & Lacey <3

  2. wow!! amazing wedding photographs. :-)
    They're all look cute and stunning especially the bride. Congratulations and best wishes to the newly wed!!

  3. Very awesome and professional wedding photography. I liked all the shots.


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