The sweet Portland Wedding Elopement of Pilar and Larry

Elopements. They are simple, short, sweet, wedding celebrations with only a core group of people attending (or none at all!). We love photographing them!

We had the pleasure of meeting and being commissioned by the sweet Pilar & Larry a few months back, for their fun Thursday elopement at Multnomah County Courthouse in downtown Portland. Only a small group of family and friends attended the actual wedding ceremony, but then a few more people joined them at their reception for the "formal" dinner celebration.

We travel from the courthouse to the reception, at Mother's Bistro, by way of the Portland Waterfront on Portland's very own PDX Pedicabs. It was a smooth and fun ride with some super sweet photos as a result! I love pedicabs + brides!

Once we reached Mother's Bistro, we were struck by the beautiful and detailed decor which was designed by both Pilar (who's an incredibly talented graphic artist) and Stephanie, or Petalos (who is a local and fabulous designer and florist). Everything was perfect! Dinner was delicious, everyone had a blast and we felt like part of their family. Everything about this day was perfect!

Here is a sneak peek from their day.

Photography : Alice & Josh of MoscaPhoto
Wedding location: Multnomah County Courthouse, Downtown Portland
Transportation : PDX Pedicab
Reception location : Mother's Bistro, Downtown Portland
Reception decor : Petalos
Cake and dessert : Voodoo Doughtnuts
Guest favors : Sesame Donuts
Bouquet and Boutonnieres : Petalos


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