Portland Waterfront Engagement Session + Doggie!

Once again, we had a doggie participate in an engagement session. We're in heaven! ;) Meet Merril & Teddy and their pup, Hachiko. Their wedding is coming up in two weeks (wow!) and thankfully, we were able to find some time in our and their schedules, for a quick session. They live on the waterfront so we decided to meet there and wonder around the grounds and bridges. Hachiko was a trooper! When it came time to drop him off at home, I even had him play with his favorite toy: the ball ;)

Merrill & Teddy will marry at Youngberg Hill Vineyard.
They are a Luxe Event Productions couple.
Karyn with Black Label Films will be there to make a movie out of their day.
My goodness... this will be a GREAT wedding!


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