Oneonta Gorge Engagement Session + Doggie!

Thanks so much for your patience with us, friends! We've been photographing and editing non-stop and have had to stay away from blogging for a bit... but we're back! And boy do we have a bunch of images to show you! :)

Here are Sarah & Ian! They and their doggie were so fun to hang with and photograph... not just that, their first choice for a location for their engagement session was the amazing Oneonta Gorge, in the Columbia Gorge! It's one of my favorite places to hike and explore, so when they thought to go there for their own shoot, I couldn't agree more!

We had a bit of time in heels and a pretty dress, at the old tunnel and along a bit of the trail, then they changed clothes and we headed into the gorge itself. Amazing place! A big log jam is the first obstacle we had to climb over in order to make it through to the actual gorge. So fun!

Sarah & Ian will be married later on this year on Sauvie Island. We are SO excited to see them get marrie and be surrounded by friends and family (some of which we personally know from past wedding shoots! YAY!).

Here are a handful of the images.


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