A Summery, Portland Engagement Session with Luca-dog too!

I have already posted one of the below images in a Portland Wedding Photography blog today. I couldn't resist! I just had to share at least one image from this fun engagement session. What I wrote in that other blog, is simple, really: Doggies are family too!

Azanet & Scott brought their doggie Luca along on the first half of their session. We loved him! He was a blast to photograph, super goofy but with deep and intelligent eyes. He looks like he could be our own Ruby's brother ;)

Together, the three of them were a blast to photograph. We had a great time! We shared laughs, and stories and really got to know each other more. Their wedding at the beautiful Gorge Crest Vineyards in August, cannot come soon enough!

In honor of the love for our four-legged babies, I bring you this sneak peek! <3

~ Alice (& Josh)

OH! ps: we drove to the Portland Oregon sign on Burnside too! We even found breaks in the traffic to be able to stand in the middle of the road... whew! AND the very last image is one I took for fun of all of us while on the shoot! I love our couples ;)


  1. Such a lovely couple to be. Congratulation in advance guys and I wish you all the best.


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