Luxe Bridal Event - 3.8.12 - Portland Bridal Show!


Misty and her team at Luxe Event Productions never cease to amaze me.

Their Luxe Bridal Event earlier this month (at the Tiffany Center in NW Portland) was yet another fabulous, vibrant and fun event. Many local wedding vendors exhibited their talents for many brides to see. It was a packed event, with music, great energy and laughs. The main presentation to the public was an extensive collection of GORGEOUS handmade floral arrangements. 50 different bouquets were strewn throughout the floor and we had the honor of photographing each and every one of them. The floral inspiration at this show was high and we loved it!

Be sure to visit the Luxe Bridal Event's site for a full list of all of the vendors involved. Lot's of information there!

Here are collages I have created of SOME OF the gorgeous floral arrangements from the show... there are many more and they will also be posted here soon. Thank you SO much to all of the florists who participated! <3

*VENDORS* if you would like the images for your own use, click this link.
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