Our newest Wedding Albums! Meet with us so we can show them to you in person! :)

Wedding albums. My goodness. They are SO fun to have. In this digital age, I see more and more people asking to eliminate professionally made wedding albums to make way for copies of image files. While I am ALL FOR diy-ing things to make them more personal, I also cringe at the notion of so many consumer companied on the web, out there, who offer super check (money wise AND cheaply made) books. If you are going to invest all of this time and money commissioning the most PERFECT wedding photographer for your wedding, I ask that you consider including professional products as well. That way, you get the full/complete/all-inclusive coverage that you and your wedding day deserves. This is not to say that we don't offer image files for you to use as well! In fact, we do! BUT, we also must convince you to allow us to give you the most in-house and custom-made and professional products known in the market. Our packages include prints and albums for this very reason. These are the products that will be held and seen and enjoyed by your own future generations, believe me! Take a look at our latest albums here. Aren't they fabulous? :)

Description of what you see below:

  • - Blue Leather Flush Mount Album : this one is a client's album! Becca & Andrew chose the images for me to design the layout with; they also chose the material (type and color) on the cover and the image to have on the front. The blue leather is luscious and soft, solid and luxurious. It's a 10x10 inch flush mount album with 51 wedding images of their choosing. I am handing this book to the bride soon, but I wanted to first take photos of it for you to see :)

  • Bordeaux Red Leather Flush Mount Album : one of my favorites to date! This is a sample album (of Ang and Craig's wedding at Anderson Lodge) for us to have and show you when you meet with us in person :) It's also a 10x10 inch book (this seems to be the most favorite size for most of our couples) and it contains 69 images. I chose these images (of course, since the book is intended to be one of our sample ones) and I also designed the layout to maximize the space allowed and the "feel" of the wedding. Love it!

  • - Black and White Image Cover Book : this is also a sample book in our possession and ready to be shown to you and it's super cool! It's one of our Press Printed Book albums and it's also a 10x10 inch. It contains 55 images of my choosing with my own custom layout design. This was from Lea & Clark's wedding at the beautiful Gorge Crest; another venue where great big panoramic book spreads are definitely necessary to show off the beauty of the venue :) Press Printed Books are simple, affordable, professionally designed alternatives to the Flush Mount Albums mentioned above. This particular one is printed on matte paper giving it a more classy (old-school) feel. It's definitely beautiful to see in person (photos just don't do the texture justice) :)

  • - The last batch of images here are all different sizes of the Press Printed Book mentioned above. You'll see the 10x10 inch one already mentioned, then an 8x8 inch one, and the little 6x6 inch one which is equally as beautiful and great for gifts too! Both 10x10 inch books are printed on matte paper, while the 6x6 inch one is printed on glossy paper. I personally love the matte paper but I chose the glossy option for the smaller book so that the smaller images could "pop" more. It worked! They sure pop! :) All of these press printed books (and a few more not in this blog post) are available for you to see and play with when we meet up in person. Oh! I forgot to mention that Press Printed Books have a leather cover option as well!


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