A beautiful starry night on a beach in Panama! Long exposure fun!

Hello friends! I've been missing for the past 12 days from the MoscaPhoto BLOG world (but super active on our Facebook page, be sure to like us over there too! ;) because I was abroad! My parents live in Panama and I had the opportunity of having an early holiday break with them there. I left on the 6th and returned just yesterday (the 18th of December).

I have SO many images to show you! I'll be taking today to get back on my feet after being away for a while, so many more photos will be coming at you soon... for now, I wanted to share one of them ;)

You should have seem me this night... I was walking back from a resort to the little condo that my parents have just down the street in Playa Blanca when I noticed that the moon was simply glorious! Not only that, the skies were clear and the stars were bright. So I ran to the condo, grabbed my camera and ran right back to the beach. It was around 11pm. I was all alone in the dark (just moonlit) and started playing with long exposures and making myself be part of the images. Needless to say, I would set the camera to however many seconds (this particular shot was at 30 seconds exposure!) and then I'd RUN to the front of the lens. I was trying so hard not to move for that whole time and especially not to LAUGH! I was having fun running back and forth for about ab hour... I wonder if anyone saw me?! HAHA :D

Well, here's one of my favorites of the night. I love how transparent I am. And I had no idea that there were clouds in the distance OR that the tide was low. And those little lights at the very edge of the sea were fishermen... They weren't visible to the naked eye either. Amazing what opening up the exposure can reveal in the dark! I love photography...

Technically, here is how I was able to get this image:
Nikon D3
24-70mm 2.8
iso 400
30 second exposure at 2.8

that's all! ;)

More photos to come!


  1. stunning... I love the effects of these settings

  2. @sassalicious

    thank you, my friend!
    it's fun to play with techniques! :)

  3. You look amazing in that image!! Much Love too you!! xo

  4. Fantastic shot and even more amazing that you did that solo!


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