Baby photography galore! Meet Juliette...

* Such * a cute post! Why? 'Cause look at this baby! ;)

Her name is Juliette and she is the brand new baby of Lindsay & Tim (who were married in October of 2010 at Abernethy Center). We met them then and continue, to this day, as their friends and photographers. We love our "job"! :)

So, meet Juliette! We LOVE gaining the new friends that being wedding photographers allows... and when we ge to stay in touch and be a part of additional memorable and important milestones, it's even more rewarding. Juliette was born this past October and she is a doll. A perfect little face and super cooperative too! It's almost as if she knew she was in the spotlight and was so sweet to not cry or fuss about me being there for a whole hour. Yay!

Her sister Trinity was also there, feeding her and being the wonderful big sister that she is. We love this family! We're so happy to have them in our lives and can't wait to see what the future brings!

OH! And I can't forget to mention Marley... the last of the photos here in this post are of him. One of the sweetest dogs I've met! He was outside, waiting patiently while we were inside taking photos and sure enough, he kept lurking and wanting to come in. When he put his nose to the glass and pressed, I HAD TO take a photo ;)

Again... love this family! <3


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