What we are thankful for is YOU!

Josh and I could not possibly be where we are today if it weren't for MANY aspects of life (in no particular order):

  • - YOU our client friends
  • - YOU our wedding vendor peers
  • - YOU our personal friends
  • - YOU mom and dad
Let me break it down even further... ;)

This 2011 wedding season has been the best yet. We keep getting more and more requests for photo shoots; collaboration inspiration ones with peers, as well as true client ones. Not only that, this 2011 wedding season has been an even better commercial photography (mostly restaurant related) year AND a great personal and work travel year as well. OH! I can't forget to mention the fact that this 2011 year has also been the year during which we were:

  • - voted by YOU to be runner up, Best Wedding Photographers in Portland via Oregon Bride Magazine (number 2 never felt so good!) ;)
  • - voted by 20 photography peers to be a part of My Portland Photographer which is a selective and successful group of 20 strong local photographers who stick together to collaborate and make our presence known

We are thankful for all of this and can't wait to see what the future will bring. Bring it ON! We are here and ready for it... we are eager to know more wonderful new clients, more wonderful new networking buddies, more wonderful locations in the world, and more wonderful techniques and ideas and products to offer through our business. We are always growing and never static. We always have the wellbeing of our business in mind, which in turn, reflects on how we, as a human couple, are able to live too. Everything is intermingled and intertwined and codependent. 

So you see, without each and everyone of YOU, we would not be able to do what we do, do it well, and do it consistently. 

<3 THANK YOU! <3

A fun tradition that we started back in 2008 with our bride Sarah, is to have Josh pose with our brides with their thumbs up. That signals the last moment of our time at the wedding AND the end of the editing process in post too. It's a fun little game we play that, when we forget to do it, we are even asked about it by our brides, on our way out. LOVE IT! :) Below if our 2011 year in review, with some brides missing (not sure what happened there! BOO!) and with a few added images of some great people in the business :) I'll be more specific with which of the vendors we work with, whom we especially love, in my next blog post :)



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