A handful of wonderful Portland Wedding Vendors who we are thankful for!

In no particular order, we have had the opportunity to work with each and every one of these fabulous vendors. This year has been amazing and we got to work alongside many of them more than once (we can't wait for more opportunities!). I know I will post this and then remember more vendors... I just know it! So forgive me in advance for appearing as if i've neglected you... it's not my intention! I'll be updating this multiple times, I know it! ;)

Knowing who to choose as your vendors for your wedding (or other event) is important. All we can do is suggest those people who we know and love, personally. Use us as a reliable and non-biased reference; we will suggest who we know will help make your day perfect! The rest will be up to you ;)

THANK YOU to all of the following vendors for being in MoscaPhoto's life!
Happy Turkey Day 2011!

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  1. Thank you for including us, Mosca Photo! Portland is so lucky to have you!


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