SURPRISE proposal in Oregon's wine country. She said YES!

We literally and seriously have no words to describe how touched and fulfilled and happy we are to do what we do. Not only are we your wedding photographers, we are also your friends... and as friends, everything you do is meaningful to us. And if you ask us to be there for you, during one of these important moments, we will be there.

Yesterday (October 23rd 2011) was no different. Nate called Josh and set up a time to meet up. Krystal and I were texting back and forth about unrelated things. Little did she know that Nate, Josh and I were collaborating in secret about visiting them on Sunday, for brunch and then joining them for a fun afternoon wine tasting in Oregon's wine country... and photographing his proposal to her!

We met with them in the morning, had delicious breakfast, drove together to Erath Winery near Dundee Oregon and started wine tasting and admiring the beautiful autumn colors of the vineyard grounds.

Allow me to backtrack for one second... Krystal & Nate were randomly in Hawaii, swimming in the water, in Waikiki, at the same exact time as Josh and I, this past April. Josh accidentally bumped into them and ended up talking about being from Portland. It turns out that we all were from Portland and VOILA'! Friends at first sight! We hit it off immediately and ended up taking trips on the island together for our entire stay. It was amazing! Travelling does that to you, but this time, we had a bonus. These two fun travelers were going to go right back to Portland, where we live too! Ever since then, we've been great friends...

SOOOOO... when Nate asked us to be there for him, at the moment he proposed to Krystal, we were SO happy and of course, couldn't miss it for the world!

Here are a few images of when we first met in Hawaii back in April...
and then the sneaky photos we took of Nate's proposal!

Notice Josh trying to distract Krystal telling her to look away (from where Nate was coming, since he was hiding the ring behind his back). As soon as Nate got close enough, we stepped back and let them do their thing... I TEARED UP and she said YES!

We can't wait to photograph your wedding in Hawaii! We love you! <3

~ Alice (& Joshy)

HAWAII : April 15th 2011

THE PROPOSAL : October 23rd 2011


  1. What a great idea! Fantastic photos as well! Love the looks on her face as she realizes something is up! How in the world did they get the ring on the glass?!

  2. beautiful work Alice and Josh - what a great story - so much joy you captured!


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