Fall colors & autumn decor at this Gorge Crest Vineyard wedding.

Another BEAUTIFUL wedding day at Gorge Crest Vineyard. This was our 6th wedding there (during this season alone) and it was the last one of the season for the venue itself. Well... we left the place with a bang! :)

The rains held off {as they always do when MoscaPhoto photographs weddings... seriously! It's strange but we have this crazy aura around us that seems to protect our couples' wedding days from rain. Love it!} Not only did the rains hold off, the fall colors in the surrounding trees AND the beautiful copper-red hair on Lisa, made this wedding bright and colorful and warm.

It was a moving day too: the first dance song they danced to is one of the few songs that Josh and I sing to each other lovingly... so you can only imagine the tears that were streaming out of me during it! The beautiful circular set up for the ceremony chairs, the colorful leaves and the bonfire really added to the general feel of peacefulness and unity. A beautifully unique-to-them wedding day.

Lisa and Chris are genuine people, in love and happy. We could tell when we photographed their engagement session and then again during their wedding day. The 10 hours went by very quickly and the whole day was perfect. Here is a sneak peek of it! Have fun in SE Asia you two!! <3

Wedding date: Saturday 10.22.11
Photography: Alice & Josh of MoscaPhoto
Make up: Patricia of Gorge Hair, Hood River OR
Venue: Gorge Crest, Underwood WA
Caterers: Vibrant Table
Cake: La Joconde Wedding & Specialty Cakes
Florist: Vibrant Flowers
Dress: Anna's Bridal, Lake Oswego OR
Officiant: Molly Little, Portland OR
DJ: Matthew Woolman, Level 1 DJ Services

Friends and Family!
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Thank you all! ~ Alice & Josh


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