Gorge Crest wedding of Andrea & Pete.

Another great wedding day at Gorge Crest! By now you may know that this is one of our most favorite venues in this area. We feel so at home when we photograph there... we love it! Andrea & Pete had a beautiful day there, despite the unfortunate wildfires at the base of Mt Hood. The thick smoke covered the majestic views all day, but dissipated at the very end of the night. Regardless, Gorge Crest has amazing little areas for fun photos AND all of the guests had a blast. Here is a sneak peek of the day with a list of the vendors involved, with more coming soon, as the information comes in. For the most part, however, Andrea and Pete were able to either DIY things for themselves or have close friends help out with planning and execution. What a great group of people this was!

Wedding date: September 4th 2011
Wedding Venue: Gorge Crest Winery, Underwood OR
Photography: Alice & Joshy, MoscaPhoto.com
Wedding coordinator: Mari-Beth with Gorge-Events, Hood River OR
Caterers: Kathy with Gorge Catering, via Nora's Table, Hood River OR
Wedding dress: one of a kind specially made for a fashion shoot! Cicada Bridal, Seattle WA
Flowers: Andrea & Pete's friend Erin arranged wildflowers and made the bouquets and boutonnieres! And a huge shout-out to Dancing Moon Farm which is where the flowers actually came from.
Make up: Andrea's friend did it all!

Friends and Family! If you've picked up one of our wedding gallery cards at their wedding, then you already know this ;) 
but if you didn't, here is where their wedding photos will be once all are done and ready for you! 
You can click to pre-register to get an announcement email once they are up. 
Thank you all! ~ Alice & Josh


  1. Looks like a lovely wedding. Absolutely love your dress – looks beautiful!



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