Springhouse Cellar Winery, Hood River wedding & Sauvie Island "trash the dress" shoot.

Sian and Jon live away from the Pacific Northwest. Being in the San Francisco area and not coming up here to visit too often, didn't allow us to easily get together and do and engagement shoot before the wedding. When we got to Hood River though, we immediately hit it off, not only with the two of them, but everyone else involved too! What a great bunch of fun and international and loving people they are! Not only that, Angel is the event coordinator for Springhouse Cellar... so when she tapped on my shoulder and said HI! all dolled up and ready to be a bridesmaid, I was even more excited! It was fun seeing her be part of a wedding, versus running it! ;) 

Springhouse Cellars is an amazing venue. Seriously one of our top three favorite places to photograph! Not only is the place amazing on it's own, Sian and her family and friends had the time and patience to decorate the whole place on their own, making it even more unique! Lavender and candles everywhere. Not to mention drift wood collected by them a few days earlier, and built up by hand to be various stands and ceremony centerpieces and more. Great creativity and fun to photograph! 

The wedding went off without a hitch. Beautiful people and great fun. Lots of cultures from all over the world, united for a few hours to celebrate Sian & Jon's wedding. We had a blast and couldn't wait to see them again... which we did the following Monday! We met up on Sauvie Island in Portland, in the early morning hours, to take advantage of the fact that they were passing through on their way to their camping honeymoon up in the San Juan Islands. Sian & Jon dressed back up in the wedding garbs and weren't shy about using the beach, the downed trees and the water, for the sake of photography... another great day with them doing their Trash The Dress! YES! :)

Here is a loooong sneak peek of both days. With lots of images of the hand made details and some key emotions as well. We're seriously so lucky to have such great couples. LOVE IT! 

Wedding date: Saturday July 23rd, 2011
Wedding Venue: Springhouse Cellar Winery, Hood River, OR
Trash The Dress location: Sauvie Island, Portland OR
Wedding cake: Angel Green! Sian's friend :)
Wedding dress: Sian's own vintage silk dress (and boots!)
Wedding officiant: Sian's beautiful mom!


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  2. beautiful bride, her dress beautiful, beautiful and unusual place, nice couple and more than beautiful pictures

  3. WOW !!!!! Fantastic Photos. Excellent job.
    Great memories captured.
    Thank you.

    Ann ( Mother of the Bride)

  4. There are several words I could use to describe Mosca Photo. But I can summarize it in just one, RAD!! Alice and Josh have made one of the most important events in our lives truly memorable. We will be able to cherish every touching moment and every happy smile, forever. They truly are rad!!!

    (the Groom & Husband)

  5. Where are the bridesmaid dresses from they are beautiful and exactly what I'm looking for!!!! Xxx


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