Oregon Bride Magazine's Best of 2011 Runner Up for photography and Winner for Hush Sessions!

I always thought that winning was to be FIRST in everything! This pushes me to be the best I can be, to want to learn new tricks of the trade, to be proud and happy with what it is that I set my mind to do... Well... I can honestly say that I have NEVER been sooooo happy to be NUMBER TWO!! :D This honor in no way diminishes our excitement for our profession; on the contrary! WOW!

That's right! The prestigious Oregon Bride Magazine holds an annual event, honoring the best vendors in the wedding industry. Every year, they open the polls to the general public, who votes for their favorite vendors based on experience with them and actual events worked together. This is a legitimate, honest to goodness, voting poll, in which votes are counted and then the results, announced. We, unfortunately, could not attend the event since we were photographing one of our couples' engagement session downtown, BUT we received texts from Misty (of Luxe Event Productions and Hush Sessions) who was attending and who heard us being mentioned on stage! YAY!

All of our clients and fans voted for us and we could not be more honored to have been nominated as Oregon's best of 2011 photographers! Thank you so much for voting and for thinking the world of us! We think the world of YOU! We seriously could not do what we do without our amazing clients and vendors with whom we have amazing relationships.

We runner ups to the local big studio companies, Holland Studios and Powers Studios, who are also talented and established like us. Congratulations to them too! Being large studios with multiple photographers and editors, they will always beat us in numbers of weddings photographed, which puts our current standing in a much more impressive position! We are right up there with a big studio, while we are just our little selves... just Alice & Josh! SOOOO humbling to have been voted one of the top photographers of Oregon! THANK YOU!

Here is the full list of Oregon Bride Magazine's Best of 2011 winners! Lots of amazing people on there!

Another BIG win is for Misty! She is the brain behind Hush Sessions (bachelorette party and boudoir company). She won 1st PLACE in Oregon! As the photographer for Hush, I am honored to say that, technically, I won twice! :) Congratulations to Misty and Hush Sessions! <3


Alice & Joshy


  1. You two deserve all the attention you get! <3 You'll always be the best according to us!

  2. sono orgogliosa ....molto orgogliosa1!! very very good!!!


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