MoscaPhoto is on the cover of a music album! Oh Yeah!

This is definitely not wedding-related, but certainly photo-related! :) Josh, the other half of MoscaPhoto, has an ultimate favorite band. We are both music lovers and a few of you may know that we photograph live concerts on a regular basis, on top of weddings. Well, one such band is The Boxer Rebellion. Josh photographed them on several occasions with our images being on their blogs and web sites already. One of those images was selected by the band to be the cover of their latest live album! What an honor! Needless to say that Josh is on cloud nine for this and I just HAD to share the great news with you all :)

The image below is the actual cover of their album, with Josh's photo! We HIGHLY recommend you click on their web site link and listen to their tunes. Absolutely amazing musicians. World famous and with a huge following. Just a couple of months ago, they were on the David Letterman Show and they do come here to Portland and Seattle often. Their next show here will in at the Doug Fir on October 22nd 2011. We will be there, photographing them and singing our hearts out! :) We'll be there, late, since we have a wedding to shoot first and foremost. Hope to see you!

-- The Boxer Rebellion's official web site with info on tour dates and music players.

-- The Boxer Rebellion's photos (by Josh, on their site!) of their last show here in the NW, at The Crocodile, in Seattle.

-- All of the images taken by Josh, at the Seattle show at The Crocodile, on our own concert photography site.

The Boxer Rebellion's official video of their song: The Runner.


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