Newport Oregon - Coast and Lighthouse Engagement Session.

A fantastic day on the Oregon Coast! Newport Oregon is a jewell and, even if about 3 hours away from Portland, totally worth visiting (for pleasure AND for special photographic occasions). About one week ago, Josh and I drove south to Newport to meet up with our 9.10.11 couple, Ang & Craig. Newport means a lot to them and since we love to find new places to photograph our couples in, we were glad to be able to join them there!

We met up in the evening (to take advantage of the warmer, sunset light) in Newport's old town area, where all of the historic warehouses and fishermen and breweries and little shops are. Right by the big bridge. A fun place to be, for pleasure and for photos. Lots of fishing related details, marine life related murals and, of course, the sea.

After spending some time there, we got in our cars and went to the local, historic, beautiful lighthouse and tide pools area, on the actual beach. We had planned for the perfect time to meet in Newport! For the warmer light, as mentioned earlier AND for the lowest tides, as well. Low tides allowed us to be more able to play on the reef and the cliffs and to see the beautiful rock-clinging life (sea anemones, star fish, mussels... loved it!).

The lighthouse was amazing too. The wind was whipping us left and right, but we made sure to use it to our advantage by letting Ang's hair blow in it, and the grasses around us to lean at the perfect angle. The mostly cloudy skies (with some blueness here and there) allowed for some dramatic skies, which we LOVE so much!

Here are a handful of the images taken that day. We LOVE the Oregon Coast. This state's nature and landscapes (and our ability to take advantage of them) is one of the most favorite aspects of being able to do the photography we do. YAY!

Bride & Groom: Ang & Craig
Wedding Day: Saturday 9.10.11
Wedding Location: Anderson Lodge Hilltop House, Ariel WA (at the base of Mt St Helens, in the woods!)


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