An intimate World Forestry Center wedding in spring.

This must be a record blog post / sneak peek for us... Wendi & Danny's wedding was this morning! At the beautiful and historic World Forestry Center, near the Oregon Zoo, here in Portland. The day turned out to be on the warm side, with some fluffy clouds and a bit of sunshine as well. A perfect spring day for the Pacific Northwest with trees in bloom too!

We started at 9AM and ended around 3:30PM. In all of that time, we covered the entire wedding, from preparations to the goodbyes. What we were excited about the most, was how much time we had to spend, one on one, with Wendi & Danny! We walked to the Veteran's Memorial and then back down to the Peggy (the locomotive) and all around inside of the museum itself. This blog post is a collection of [mainly] Wendi & Danny artful/classy/fun photos ;)

One thing you might want to notice in detail is a photo of the two of them with their moms and dads... from WAY UP ABOVE! That, friends, is part of what MoscaPhoto is all about ;) We go the extra mile and LOVE to do it. Josh took a ride up the firefighters' harness seat, from the first floor of the museum, all the way to the ceiling. that's close to 100 feet up, harnessed in with feet dangling and camera gear in hand. It was SO worth it! Looking down on the smiling faces and taking the photo, was priceless :)

All of the little frames and papers and cake cutters and flowers, were hand made by Wendi and her family. She kept the process of coming up with wedding decor to a crafty self. The gifts that they gave their family members were framed images of them at the Ice Cave engagement session we photographed last January. Lots of personal touches and such a cozy small wedding too! The last photo is the WHOLE GROUP! 38 wonderful people who made Josh and I feel as if we were a part of the family.

Have fun in Antigua, you two!! ;) <3

~ Alice (& Josh)


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