Dreaming of Hawaii! ~ Sneak Peek!

Hi friends! Josh and I went on a much needed vacation to Hawaii last week and are already back in Portland, recharged and happy! The trip was 8 days long and incredible to say the least. The weather was perfect: 84 degrees and 70% humid. Sunny every single, day, except for the day we rented kayaks and an underwater housing for our big Nikon D3... that day, albeit warm, it poured. Totally worth the day-trip anyway, though!

We made new friends on the island too... Krystal and Nate are from Portland and we ended up spending the entire time with them. We even photographed them on a sort of quick lifestyle shoot to commemorate their love on the island-paradise. Along with all of the beach/sun/pina coladas in Waikiki and surroundings, we also decided to hop on the local bus for an hour and a half trip through city streets, all the way to Pearl Harbor. That day was amazing as well. Touching and special. What a place and what history.

We have lots more to share with you as far as commentary, and certainly lots of photos as well! I wanted to share this little tid bit and a few key images from our trip here, to make way for a "part 2" blog post, which will include many more details. We have so much to share with you and are super excited about it :)

To all of our clients and fans: thank you for making it possible for us to take this necessary trip away from home! We were in constant communication with you via facebook so I know we didn't miss a thing while we were away ;) We are grateful for having had this opportunity and for having such patient and awesome couples in our lives. This recharging trip was necessary to allow us to clear our minds, get set and GO forward with this year's wedding photography! We are ready and can't wait to see you super soon! :)

Talk to you soon!

~ Alice & Josh


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