Powells and The Pearl. Amy & Danielle in the city!

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WHEW! We have so many fun and loving photos of Amy and Danielle, it't not even funny! ;) Starting off the photoshoot inside of a portland iconic place called Powells City of Books was Amy's idea and we JUMPED on it when she suggested it! The rows of books, the tall ceilings and the dim, warm light all around us, made for a great place to shoot. We had a blast in there! It was a Sunday, however, so we decided to quickly get out before disturbing the natural flow of regular visitors... then, we stepped outside into The Pearl

Walking around the neighborhood, stopping whenever we saw something that inspired us, sharing stories along the way... was truly priceless. Unfortunately, it started raining pretty heavily, so we decided to stop by the Pearl Bakery for a latte and a bloddy mary. Yep! It was awesome! We kept taking a few photos here and there, but mainly, we chit-chatted even more. 

These two are inspiring, fun, in love with each other and super excited about their wedding day, which we understood to be suuuuper DIY, since Amy is the queen of crafts! We are SO excited to see them unite in front of 175 people, this coming October at the West End Theater. We are equally as excited to meet up with them again for a part-2-engagement-session SOON, when the weather gets more dry and much warmer. We have a little surprise in store for them and can't wait to reveal it! For now, here are a handful of their In The City engagement shoot. <3


  1. These are wonderful photos! I love the umbrella shots..amazing how rain can produce some of the best props, haha! Looks like it will be a FUN wedding!

    (On a side note, every time I see engagement photos now I wonder why we didn't change outfits during ours. Guess we need a family shoot soon!) ;)


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