A "his" and "her" 2-part engagement session. Black Hawk helicopter in one and beautiful natural preserve for the other.

Welcome to another MoscaPhoto-style, extreme, engagement session sneak peek. ;)

We LOVE our job. Its not a job at all, actually. It's a passion that we happen to do for a living. We get to meet incredible people with amazing stories. Amy and Ryan are two such people. We are HONORED to have had the clearance and opportunity to visit Ft Lewis Army Base near Olympia Washington. The hangar and the Black Hawk made available to us for part 1 of the photo shoot, was amazing to see and "play" in and around. WOW.

Part 2 was more of the "her" part of things ;) Amy is a lover of whimsical places, fables and fantasy. As is Ryan, of course! But this part 2 was ALL Amy! The location was a natural preserve south east of Olympia WAshington called Mima Mounds. It is an incredible place, with unique geological features and the most perfect light for photography. What a cool place! One Josh and I would have never gone to see if it weren't for Amy's suggestion! Amy says that this place is so far from centers of light pollution, that any astronomical event is super bright and clear when viewed from here. Next major eclipse or meteor shower... you know where we'll be!! :)

Thank you Amy & Ryan for making Saturday a fun and unique and absolutely unforgettable day! We will cherish these experiences and these memories for ever!

Any & Ryan will marry this coming March 26th 2011
The venue is the Crown Ballroom in Portland OR

Here are a handful of the images taken... more to come! :)

~ Alice & Josh 



    I love the "here is the shot" "here is me taking the shot" image. :)

    This sounds like you had so much fun!


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