Some of our favorite engagement session locations!

Hi everyone! We are in the full swing of things with booking for the upcoming wedding season and scheduling super fun and adventurous and casual and classy engagement sessions... this coming Monday January 17th 2011 is the first of several coming up! As soon as Monday comes along, we will have SO much new material to show you on here. We can't wait!

I know that some of our clients are still brainstorming as to where to go for their shoot, so I am making a quick post with some photos of some of the most memorable and photogenic and beautiful locations we love to go to, for photos. Perhaps you can use this as an inspiration for your own? FUN! :)

Engagement sessions are a way to let it all hang out. Well... that sounds a bit weird. I didn't mean it in "that way" lol! What I mean is that with the wedding day being scheduled and prepared and organized and set, there is not much room to play with regards to going somewhere different and further away for a couples' shoot with us. Engagement sessions are a perfect time to think of the most ideal location that truly speaks to you as a couple! There will be no guests and no strict schedules to have to follow, so why not go all the way?

What inspires you? What location speaks to you? This coming Monday we will be driving up to Trillium Lake by Mt Hood to meet up with one of our 2011 couples to photograph their engagement session on snow shoes! The following Monday (January 24th), we will again embark on a snow shoeing adventure with yet another couple of ours, but this time we will be going to the Mt Adams area, trekking towards Ice Caves! Last summer, we had a blast hiking up to the top of a mountain that was covered in wild flowers, by Camas in WA, with yet another couple of ours, in a location where we could literally see 5 different mountains in the distance, all around us!

These are the most extreme examples of "the sky is the limit" for your engagement session with us, of course ;) How about the beautiful Oregon coast? Or the majestic waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge? Or perhaps you are a city-couple, who wants posh and trendy and more elegant cityscapes and twinkly street lights and beautiful architecture?

Its ALL beautiful! Josh and I will either suggest a location for you, or go with what you have in mind already. Either way, lets plan on something fun, memorable and photogenic!

Below are some images of some of our favorite places in the area. What do you think you'd like to do? Let us know! :)

~ Alice & Josh

Nehalem State Park, Oregon Coast, at sunset in the early fall.

Trillium Lake, Mt Hood Oregon, summer time.

Silverstart Mountain, north of Camas Washington, summer time.

Deep forests and woods in the mountains. The light is so beautiful when the sun shines!

Pacific City, Oregon coast. A dry day in January!

Eastbank Esplanade. Downtown Portland Oregon. Early summer.

The Pearl District, Portland Oregon. Summer time.

Cathedral Park, North Portland Oregon. Under the St John's Bridge. Winter time.

Pioneer Courthouse Square, downtown Portland Oregon. Winter time.

The Broadway Bridge, Portland Oregon. Fall time. Or any bridge in Portland, really! ;)

Beautiful historic architecture of NW Portland Oregon.

The Columbia Gorge on a clear day. 

Wooded Shoe Tulip Farm. Spring time, specifically from the end of March to mid-May.

Spring time in NW Portland Oregon, when all of the trees are in bloom!

LOTS more to think about! There are just some ideas. We're looking forward to taking advantage of the beauty that surrounds us here in the NW. See you soon! :)


  1. wow....all of those are amazing. I want to visit each place! I am in MN and its -15 degrees out today so these made me feel the hope of spring and summer again =)


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