Portland Oregon. Walking along the north waterfront with camera in hand.

Aahhh Portland, Oregon. Its a little town with a big city mentality. And its super photogenic. This set of images was taken strictly within a one square mile area, if that, at the north waterfront location, right around the iconic red bridge (the Broadway Bridge). This area includes our grand central station, the main train hug of the city, old mills and water warehouses, construction zones paving the way for new luxury condos. When the sky is clear of clouds and rain, the colors and vitality of the city really pop. Its one of classic portrait/engagement session areas, when we want to do an uber-urban one, and it a few miles away from our MoscaPhoto headquarters. Welcome to Portland! :)

~ Alice & Josh


  1. Sweet, I did a some of the same thing this summer. Always fun :)

  2. gorgeous shots! even amidst the dreariness of winter you made it stunning!


  3. These are great! :)

    I love the BW photo of the vine (is that what it is?) Super cool and abstract.


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