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Friday, January 24, 2014

MoscaStudio's BLOG has MOVED! ... Click to go to our new home on the web :)

Hi friends!

Thank you so much for visiting our blog. We have been at this domain for many years in a row (since 2009 to be exact). We have a counter installed that tells us how many clicks we've had since then... 307334! 

THANK YOU for being such loyal readers and fans of our work!

We are happy to announce our official move to our official domain... officially ;) and we invite you to click on through to it for the most up to date and current photography and information.

Everything here will remain active, but everything there will be current. 

Thanks and see you soon!

~ The MoscaStudio Team

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Mt Hood Bed and Breakfast Wedding Venue BEAUTY.

This is one of our favorite places to photograph a wedding, hands down. There is everything imaginable for a whimsical, barn, outdoor, panorama, country-chic, elegant wedding day. There are even beautiful horses and sometimes, herds of elk! It's a historic homestead, curated by a wonderful family. 

Mt Hood Bed & Breakfast is am amazing place.

Are you about to decide on your own wedding venue? If you need images from Mt Hood Bed & Breakfast, let us know. We'd love to show them to you and to possibly chat about being YOUR wedding photographers! Here are a few samples from a beautiful wedding Alice photographed this past summer 2013 on behalf of another photographer who asked for her to take over due to an unfortunate illness. We have a wonderful network of vendors, ready to help each other out, which is something to be proud about :)

Thanks for looking!

Voting is open! 2014 Oregon Bride Magazine's BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO is up for grabs and available to MoscaStudio again!

Hi friends!

This past 2013 year has been incredible for us.

  • MoscaPhoto transformed into MoscaSTUDIO.
  • We've increased the number of professional photographers from two, to FOUR!
  • We WON 2013 Oregon Bride Magazine's Best Wedding Photography Studio!
  • Josh and Alice got ENGAGED! :)
  • Alice travelled to Italy for a client's assignment, which was an amazing experience.
  • AND we had yet another year of beautiful and inspiring wedding clients, whom push us to be creative and dedicated to our craft, year after year. 


2014 has just begun and already we are seeing signs of great things to come. At this early stage in a new year's life, the future is always a mystery, but this mystery is exciting... it's what keeps us on our toes... this mystery is what has us alert and always ready for new adventures.

MoscaStudio is honored to already have half of the 2014 summer season booked up, and we look forward to filling up our schedule with new, beautiful couples! Keep us in mind if you, your friends, your family members have just become engaged and need fun and artful wedding photographer. We'd love to be considered and we'd be honored to be a small part of your day.


In 2013 Mosca WON! After years of wedding photography work and dedication to clients and vendors alike, we finally made it to the coveted awards as a WINNER! Thank you so much for voting for us!


  • Choose the PORTLAND ballot (NOT "valley").
  • Scroll to the very bottom. Please enter MOSCAPHOTO or MOSCASTUDIO in the BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO section (see the screen shot here).

There is SO much talent in this town. Please consider voting for at least 6 other vendors. We have our favorites! If you are not sure whom to vote for, besides MOSCASTUDIO of course ;) Please email me! I'd be more than happy to offer you OUR favorites! ( :)


The MoscaStudio TEAM :)


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Aaaand KISS!": A collection of fun MoscaStudio wedding photography kisses.

Those clients whom have already gone through our services at least once (the engagement session, if not both engagement AND wedding) will probably recognize our little "Aaaaand KISS!" phrase ;) It's funny but it works! You walk away from us, or towards us as it may be, you may be sitting on a bench someplace, or even leaning against a wall... we'll get you to kiss with this little phrase... and we will capture it! ;)

Just for fun, and because 'tis the season for mistletoe and kissing under it... here is a fun collection of many of our beautiful couples, kissing! Some are in fields of flowers or groves of trees, some are at their wedding, while some are in city parks. ALL are in love and embracing of one another. Ours has to be one of the most happy and personally rewarding job in the world!

Some are posted here as a preview, while all 92 of them are in the slide show below ;) Roam through and hopefully this helps put a little bit of a smile on your faces :)

FYI: Do you know where the tradition of "kissing under the mistletoe" comes from? We've searched the interwebs and have found an interesting little article at this link. Traditions and their historic provenance are so fun to learn about!
Excerpt: "Since mistletoe remains green throughout the year, many ancient peoples have ascribed these plants with magical healing powers and with fertility, and some cultures viewed it as an aphrodisiac due to the suggestive arrangement of its berries." 
~ The Guardian article (link above).

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from The Mosca Studio Team!

Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 MoscaStudio Wedding Season Revisited: Wedding Flower Trends!

Every year, at the end of the wedding season, we gather all of the images of the bridal bouquets used by our wedding couples, and organize them into one big blog post. This year (better late than never!) is no exception. It's fun to see trends come and go as each season passes, but it's also interesting to see which colors and styles seem to be more timeless, remaining popular throughout the seasons. Below is this 2013 wedding season's flowers. Thank you SO much, as always, to all of the amazing florists in Portland! Every one of them is incredibly talented and possesses a unique style. I would have SUCH a hard time choosing a florist for myself! :)

Wedding Flower Trends of teh 2013 Wedding Season, Portland Oregon,

As usual, here are links to our favorite wedding florists in the Portland Oregon, Columbia Gorge areas. They are the ones we've worked with this year. There is something special about each of them! :) In no particular order:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

University of California Botanical Garden Destination Wedding Day

Meet Jen and Alex, everyone! I have known Jen for YEARS (since 2000), when we were both working as archaeologists in Phoenix Arizona. Some of our past colleagues were at their wedding too, so it was a sort of awesome reunion for us! 

AAAAHHHH how I love California weddings, especially among old friends! They married at University of California's Botanical Gardens and it was glorious. The ceremony was in an amphitheater among the majestic Redwoods on a perfectly warm and sunny October California day. The reception was at the hall within the botanical gardens, which was beautiful too! To get to it, everyone had to walk through the Redwood grove and then the gardens themselves... So beautiful!

Jen and Alex are two peas in a pod. They met while excavating in Egypt and have been inseparable and in love ever since. I could not possibly be more happy and excited for the two of them and their life together. It has been a few years since I had seen Jen and it was an honor to see her again... THIS HAPPY!!! alongside her love, Alex. 

Here is their sneak peek, summary of the day. Thank you SO much for having us be there for you on your wedding day... you already know I would not have wished to be anywhere else but there with you! It was beautiful, meaningful and so special! Love you! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Danielle and Jeff's Portland Pearl District Fall Engagement Session

Danielle and Jeff are going to marry at the beautiful Red Ridge Farms in Dundee, Oregon, next summer. It's in Oregon's wine country and it will be beautiful! We had a blast getting to know them and photographing them on this beautifully sunny and crisp fall day in Portland this year. They live in Los Angeles but came north, to Portland, to meet with some vendors and to have the opportunity to get their engagement session done.... SO glad they came up when they did: the weather was perfect and we had a blast! We can't forget to mention pretty little Bella... She's the little doggie in some of the photos below. #aww ;)

Friday, November 01, 2013

Mt Hood Bed and Breakfast Wedding Day - Sharon & Matt's Sneak Peek

Meet Sharon & Matt! They are two fun and funny and loving lovebirds - that's right! loving lovebirds! - who's wedding was not made any less awesome and meaningful, despite the crazy weather. This was the weekend during which the remnant of a huge typhoon was making it's way over the Pacific Northwest. Winds were whipping heavy rains sideways and big billowing clouds were covering everything, including the usually exposed and impressive Mt Hood. Sharon and Matt live in Seattle. They decided to have somewhat of a destination wedding at the base of Mt Hood. The weather did not cooperate that weekend. HOWEVER, everyone had a blast anyway! The two of them laughed their way thorough the part and at the end of the day... were MARRIED! We had a blast. It was like being around old friends. We're seriously so excited to know these two and are equally as exited to have this very detailed sneak peek of their day. Such a fun day! Thank you so much to all who helped make their day as special is it could be, starting with Jackie and her crew at Mt Hood Bed & Breakfast! Janelle and her team at The Prettiest You, and Lucy of Lucy's Informal Flowers! Of course, the photography is by MoscaStudio+Mosca Photo ) :)